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Things to do in baltimore

Baltimore is a beautiful city with so much to offer. You can take in the charm of its waterfront views, people and experiences while learning more about this fascinating410-year old east coast port town through history at Reginald F Lewis Museum or culture by attending art gallery openings around town like American Visionary Arts museum! There's always hanging out on Charles Street drinking sweet tea from your favorite hangout spot when you're not off exploring nature at National Aquarium where they have an underwater exhibit showcasing everything that lives under water including sharks., rays,, penguins & sea turtles

A Baltimore Water Taxi is a great way to get around the Inner Harbor. You can either take this boat ride for yourself or as party favor at your kid's bachelorette weekend! And who doesn’t love going on an educational trip while they're traveling? Get up close and personal with some sharks that live in Blacktip Reef then explore history by visiting National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, where 150 life-sized wax figures portray important moments and contributions of African Americans all across our world - from slavery days right through present day culture wars fought over equality rights.

The Patterson Park Pagoda is a unique four-story observation tower built in the 1890s. It’s also home to an ice skating rink, dog parks and plenty of open space for roamers! If you find yourself near this historic landmark make sure not miss trying some Maryland's famous steamed blue crabs at Faidley’s Seafood in The Lexingon Market where they have other seafood too like jumbo lump crab cakes or fresh caught fish served up right on site (you can even get it delivered). Art aficionados will delight when viewing Henri Matisse' collection - don't forget your museum membership if you're planning on visiting anytime soon!

The Maryland Zoo is a must for any animal lover, and the Penguin Coast exhibit has some of North America's most impressive penguins. From massive dinosaur replicas at The Science Center in Harbor East to an observatory atop Federal Hill where you can see stars like never before (and maybe even sing like they do on TV), Baltimore offers all sorts of activities that will leave your heart full!

Take a tour of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with your senses as you board one of two different types of paddle boats or an electric pirate ship. You can smell fresh seafood from the restaurant onboard, feel all ★ flair on this lavish vessel for picturesque views around Baltimore Bay Bridge Park, and enjoy being serenaded by Tchaikovsky-themed songs playing through speakers overhead while traveling under sail at sunset time! Kiddies will love it too because there are kid friendly snacks available in case they get hungry during their adventure.
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