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Things to do in Lauderdale

One of the most beautiful destinations in Florida, Greater Fort Lauderdale has plenty to offer for those looking to get outside and explore. Whether you're an avid hiker or just want some time at one our many beaches with their gorgeous views - there is something here that will suit your needs

Here are the best things to do in Fort Lauderdale:

The city offers 24 miles worth (eight distinct) packed full tropical landscapes waiting patiently beyond its doorstep where people can find all sorts activities like fishing trips on salt water lakes perfect for children who might otherwise be bored during car rides back home from school; museums showcasing local history through interactive displays which make learning fun again without even realizing they are actually being taught things

When you think of Florida, what comes to mind? Is it the white sand beaches with crashing waves and clear sky skies? Maybe an orange or red sunset over crystal blue water. These are all things that make up our iconic landscapes in Greater Fort Lauderdale- from wild Everglades National Park to beautiful strands along the Atlantic Ocean stages for concerts at night under city lights ! We have more than enough outdoor activities waiting just out side your door step; but if those aren't doing anything then head downtown into some big cities entertainment scene where there's always something going on!

For a day of adventure, book the Flamingo Gardens tour. This experience will take you on an exciting journey through their animal exhibits and gardens to meet some fascinating creatures like tigers or flamingos! You are also invited for dinner at one of their restaurants before your cruise leaves with complimentary drinks included in your ticket price. If fitness is more up your alley there's always cycling around town - don't forget helmets though because Miami can get pretty unpredictable sometimes when it comes to weather patterns so make sure not only do they have bike routes but maps too!
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