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Things to do in Lexington

It’s easy to see why Kentucky is often overlooked by travelers. The beautiful towns with their well-to-do citizens are just waiting for you, but they dare not call out or advertise themselves in hopes that someone will notice all the charm hiding beneath your feet!

And that’s not even mentioning the deep tradition of whiskey brewing and beer making that is on show courtesy of all these craft joints in town, or how they have an array to racers who are known as “The Horse Capital Of The World.”

And once you’ve ticked off all the top things to do in this breathtaking country, there's plenty more just waiting for your eyes to explore. All around are fields of green and bluegrass hills that roll eastward into Appalachia before giving way to deep forestland with banjo-plucking towns scattered along its path like gems within an exquisite necklace .

Here are the best things to do in Lexington:

The Kentucky Horse Park has over 50 miles of trails for horseback riders to explore the natural beauty and rich history that surrounds them. For those who prefer not get their feet dirty or have an aversion to dirt, there are plenty of other options available including scenic drives with amazing views from elevated perches along Highway 4031 (Union Turnpike). The Mary Todd Lincoln House offers intimate access inside this historic property where visitors can see first hand life as if it were in 1860s USA - all based on documented fact! You’ll also surely want tour some vendors downtown during Third Street Stuffs & Coffee Festival Of Bluegrass Music FestyelBlue Door Smokehouse sells delicious BBQ

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