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Things to do in Miami

As a city of tropical sun and soft white sand, Miami is sure to satisfy your wanderlust. You will find an unmatched selection in styles from high-end stores for the fashionista who demands perfection or family friendly museums perfect if history fascinates you - there's something here that everyone can enjoy! Here are our picks:

Coconut Grove locals may be surprised by how close their favorite coffee spot has been replaced with one thousand times better when they visit The Bridge restaurant located on Star Island; luxury shoppers looking only at labels won’t think twice about heading over to AIA mall because everything designer can buy under one roof right off Collins Ave.; blueprint seekers will be blown away after discovering all sorts of hidden gems throughout downtown

Here are the best things to do in Miami

On a recent trip to Miami, I had an incredible time walking through Wynwood Walls and taking the Design Preservation League's art deco tour. From there we went on an educational journey with Dade Heritage Trust that covered Brickell’s rich history as well as their new plans for development in historic preservation.

The group also enjoyed some time catching fish at Therapy-IV Deep Sea Fishing Game Reserve before heading south over Coral Gables Museum where they explored downtown neighborhoods while learning more about local design firms along came way too short lunch break! If you're looking forward to exploring this awesome destination yourself then head straight down Bay impair after checking out its gorgeous lighthouse or stop by Little Havana Food & Cultural Tour who will show off her irresistible charm

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