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Things to do in Tampa

With its sunny weather and world-famous attractions, Tampa is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida. More than 100 million people visit every year (and that number is expected to skyrocket within the next decade). Here are some travel tips for your trip

Here are the best things to do in Tampa

Visit walking/biking trails along Clearwater's beaches or take a boat ride around Pinellas Bay so you can enjoy nature while still being able see all those beautiful views! Make sure not miss out on dining experiences at Revival Social Club -- this restaurant has incredible food with an amazing view onto downtown St Petersburg If planning outdoor activities like fishing then check before sunset because there may be strict laws against leaving Well, you’ve come to the right place.

From historic museums to crazy water parks, here are 23 things to do in Tampa that you won’t want to miss.

The Tampa Bay area of Florida has more than enough to keep any traveler happy, with an exciting array of things for everyone. Theaters and exhibits offer beautiful shows that will brighten your day as well as lovable aquariums filled with fascinating creatures from around the world! If you're looking at downtown attractions there are plenty- not only will it broaden how we think geographically but also culturally speaking: take in one or several museums like impressive art collections by Picasso and Renoir; go on food tours where they'll show off local cuisine such visit Latin American cuisines at La Fuente de Cultura kitchen before stopping into Bayshore Publishing Company's office across from Alafia State Park - which features children’

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